• Product Name: WS-II Gas Cylinder Hydraulic Tester with External Testing Method (Computer Type)



      Established in 1969, Hangzhou Brother Industry Co., Ltd., a joint-stock enterprise, is conveniently located in Hangzhou Yuhang, the birthplace of Liangzhu Culture, closely adjoining to Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway. Integrating industry and trade, the company is composed of Hangzhou Jinniu Machinery & Equipments Co., Ltd., cylinder inspection station and trade department.
      As one of the pioneer enterprises engaged in production and sales of testing devices for gas cylinders...


    Taurus brothers

    Gas cylinder test house

    The cylinder testing company

    Hengyang gold cylinder co., LTD

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    Guyuan gas bottles in the near future to carry out a special examination, the newspaper received a lot of people on the cylinder test mandatory fee co...

  • Inspection activities to increase the cylinder int...

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    Henan cultural industry, Nov. 26, 2007: Not long ago, a snack bar in Xi'an gas explosion occurred, causing heavy casualties, causing the public to...

  • 15 consecutive years, Yuhang District, was named "...

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    15 consecutive years, Yuhang District, was named "heavy contract, keep promise" advanced enterprise

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